We met up at Smith Rock State Park and started the morning with some dressy couples photos followed by a climbing adventure session. A+N love to boulder and outdoor climb together. So what better way to document their relationship than a day spent at the crag.

Couples photos

heading to the crag

After their couples photos we explored and found the perfect spot to do some lead climbing.


It was time to climb. A+N geared up and started climbing. It was so fun to capture them in their element, enjoying their time outdoor climbing, and being the other’s biggest motivator and supporter. Watching and capturing couples experience true joy and triumph is the absolute best feeling. They will get to look back at these photos for a lifetime and remember the adventurous times of their youth and the beginning of their climbing journey together.

TIPS FOR NAILING A climbing adventure SESSION:

  1. Safety First: Prioritize safety by working with a climbing photographer who understands the logistics and safety considerations of shooting at the crag (me!).
  2. Natural Poses: Let your natural interactions dictate the poses. I will capture candid moments of connection, encouragement, and celebration.
  3. Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and reflects your personal style. Consider earthy tones that complement the outdoor setting.
  4. Time of Day: Opt for early morning or late afternoon for the softest and most flattering light. Early morning is great if you’re hoping to get the crag you want at Smith Rock State Park.
  5. Open Communication: Discuss your vision and preferences with your photographer to ensure your climbing photo session authentically represents your love story.

& in case you’re wondering- I too geared up and did some climbing. Any day spent outdoors is a good one, a day spent outdoor climbing is a great one.

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