Golden Gate Bridge Engagement Photos

San Francisco has a plethora of beautiful spots for engagement photos. One of my favorites is Baker Beach. I love to recommend it because it provides a versatile backdrop for photos. Couples can explore the sandy shores, play in the water, or even check out the beachside trails for a diverse range of shots. The beach allows for various compositions and settings within a relatively small area. While Baker Beach is a popular destination, it still provides pockets of privacy for couples to enjoy a more intimate photo session. The beach’s size allows us to find quieter spots away from crowds, creating a more personal and relaxed experience for the engaged couple. With this in mind Baker Beach made the perfect spot for N+C’s Golden Gate Bridge Engagement Photos.

Exploring the trails

After checking out the beach we made our way down some beachside trails. A little drizzle could not stop us from having some fun!!

Baker Beach’s scenic beauty, romantic atmosphere, versatility, sunset views, iconic landmarks, privacy, and local significance make it a popular choice for engagement photos, providing a stunning and memorable backdrop for couples celebrating their love.

Your Baker Beach Engagement Photographer!!

Hey there!! I’m Mattie and I am a traveler at heart. I am based in Vancouver, Washington but travel often so if you’re looking for a photographer to capture your Baker Beach/ Golden Gate Bridge Engagement Photos click HERE to reach out or click HERE to get to know me better.

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