Yosemite National Park Proposal

I love when a session totally captures a couple in their element. R+C spend their free time traveling and trail running. For this proposal R surprised C with their closest friends, a fresh outfit, and a wonderful meal midway through what C thought was just another trail run. After their meal R led C over to look out at Yosemite Valley (one of my all time favorite views) where he then got down on one knee and proposed to C. With an obvious YES for an answer and their friends there to celebrate it was truly an incredible experience to capture R’s Yosemite National Park proposal and feel the love of all of their closest friends as they shared in the joy of the engagement.

The proposal

After the proposal the three of us ventured off to take some engagement photos that captured the iconic Half Dome.

Half Dome


Sunset in Yosemite

We had already wrapped up photos when a gorgeous sunset began to fill the sky. We could not miss this opportunity so we headed back to capture a few more photos. After sunset portraits we parted ways and headed back to our camps. The perfect way to end a day in the Yosemite backcountry.

Your Yosemite National Park Proposal and Engagement Photographer!!

Hey there!! Mattie here, if you’re looking for a photographer that’s down to backpack into the backcountry (like I did this one) to capture your epic proposal, engagement, or elopement, you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in adventures and am ready to help you plan yours. Click HERE to reach out and chat about what you have in mind.

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